Mr Thomas Dixon


Clinical Hearing Aid Audiologist


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  • All aspects of hearing healthcare.

  • All forms of hearing aid technology and custom made hearing protection.

  • Tinnitus in adults and children.

  • Ear wax management.

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Procedures & Sub-specialties


Tom Dixon is our clinical hearing aid audiologist who qualified from Oxford Brooke's university with a distinction. He is very well experienced in all aspects of hearing healthcare and has worked in private practice since 2009, specialising in all forms of hearing aid technology and custom made hearing protection. In 2011 he became the director and principal audiologist at the Worcester Hearing Centre. The hearing assessment consultations he conducts include all the relevant audiometric testing and tympanometry. Mr Dixon qualified with the British Society of hearing aid audiologists as a clinical ear care practitioner and performs ear wax removal procedures using irrigation and micro-suction.

He is experienced with all the world's leading hearing aid brands and fits the latest in hearing innovation technology including the Phonak lyric extended wear invisible device. The Lyric is the only hearing aid that can be worn for at least 3 months at a time without taking it out, giving rise to the name of a truly invisible hearing system. Mr Dixon is also a full member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, The British Tinnitus Association, The British Academy of Audiology and registered with the Health care professions council.

Clinical interests


  • Diagnostic private hearing and tinnitus assessments for children and adults.

  • Development of customised rehabilitation programmes for hearing and tinnitus difficulties.

  • Ear wax management, irrigation and micro suction

  • Development of bespoke hearing protection solutions for all situations.

As an Independent Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist he can advise on and fit a full range of private high quality digital hearing aids and provide a wide range of customised hearing protection devices for work and leisure.

Professional memberships


  • Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist with Health Care Professions Council

  • Full member of The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists

  • Full member of The British Tinnitus Association

  • Full member of The British Academy of Audiology


Clinic locations and times

  • Worcester Hearing Centre Ltd
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