Dr Piotr Buczkowski


Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine


Jane Lea: 07593 528957







Dr Buczkowski works as a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine at the Derby Spinal Unit at the Royal Derby Hospital. He is an expert in the management of patients with spinal pain for whom surgery is not indicated. He has an interest in the interventional diagnosis and treatment of spinal pain.


His clinical practice is based on the best evidence and recommendations of NICE and the Spinal Intervention Society of which he is a member. He diagnoses the source of spinal pain using highly selective fluoroscopy guided local anaesthetic blocks and provocation procedures and works closely with spinal surgeons and physiotherapists.


Dr Buczkowski offers treatments for radicular pain and spinal stenosis (fluoroscopy guided epidural steroid injections), treatment of mechanical neck pain, headaches originating in neck or back pain (radiofrequency denervation of spinal facet joints), minimally invasive disc prolapse treatment (nucleoplasty), treatment of scarring in the epidural space caused by previous disc prolapse or spinal surgery (epiduroplasty), and medication reviews.

Procedures & Sub-specialties

  • Spinal Pain Management

  • Targeted X-ray guided steroid injections

  • Nucleoplasty - for prolapsed discs

  • Epiduroplasty - for scarring in the epidural space

  • Neuromodulation techniques

Clinic locations and times

  • Spire Leicester Hospital
    By appointment

  • Nuffield Derby Hospital
    By appointment


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