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Guy was appointed as an NHS consultant surgeon in 2004, specialising in laparoscopic gastro-intestinal surgery and weight loss surgery. His NHS practice is at St. Richard’s Hospital, Chichester. He practices privately in Chichester, Guildford and London.


Guy started the St Richard’s Hospital Bariatric Surgery Unit in 2006, rapid growth followed until the unit was performing over 500 procedures a year. Guy has completed over 1200 bariatric procedures. Much of his time is now spent concentrating on the most difficult revision operations.

In addition to bariatric surgery, Guy specialises in laparoscopic upper gastro-intestinal surgery including gallbladder surgery, anti-reflux surgery and hernia surgery. He has completed thousands of these procedures.

Guy is a regional member of the Morbid Obesity Surgery Clinical Reference Group, which advises NHS England, The National Commissioning Agency, on bariatric or metabolic surgery.


Guy has a research interest in bariatric surgery and has published many papers on the subject. He is often invited to talk to patients groups and colleagues about bariatric surgery. He has appeared in TV and radio programs including Fat boy to Slim, Embarrassing Bodies, the Fat Doctors and Dr Mark Porter’s case notes on radio 4.

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“Since I’ve had the surgery, I realise how overweight and unfit I was before. On holiday in Guernsey last summer I was so dizzy and out-of-breath walking up a hill, and I started to cry because I knew my weight was really affecting my health.

“After giving birth to my first son at 19, I started to gain weight. My eating habits were terrible, portion sizes were too big, and the weight crept on over the next ten years, particularly after I had two more boys and I gained about eight stone. I could see I was following a family pattern – my mum, sister and I had all been slim when we were younger and then gained weight as we got older.

“My mum had always been overweight and I could see how much it affected her life. When I was growing up, children used to comment about her size. I never used to tell her but I began to worry that my own children would go through what I’d been through with school-friends making nasty comments. When I turned 30, I knew I was heading the same way. It made me feel desperate and I was extremely low.

“I tried all kinds of diets and diet books. I was successful with every diet I did and would lose up to three stone on some of them, form all of my diets I lost a total of 10 stone, but I had no will power and it always came back and I would actually gain more weight.

“Then when my mum had gastric bypass surgery two years ago, I couldn’t believe the transformation. From a woman who could physically hardly do anything, mum then wanted to do everything – trampolining with my children and playing with them in the park. I could see the dramatic change in her and it inspired me to look into it myself.

“I didn’t have any concerns about having a gastric band. I had a read a lot about the surgery and researched it in great detail. I really wanted to have it done. I knew it was my last hope. At my initial consultation with Guy Slater, we discussed the reasons why I wanted the surgery and he took the time and trouble to help me make the right choice. There are aspects about the gastric band that need to be considered but we talked them all through as it’s important to know how it will affect your life.

“I went ahead with the operation and I have never looked back. There are certain foods – not many – that I can’t eat anymore but for me, the weight loss outweighs the food. Since the operation I have lost seven stone.

“I know that help is there. If I started to go up a few pounds, all I have to do is call Guy up and go and get my band tightened. It’s good for me. I have no choice but to eat smaller portions. One of the best things now is going shopping. I was limited to the Plus Size shops before but now I buy outfits off-the-peg. Now I get people looking at me – for the right reasons.

“My husband is delighted and is constantly complimenting me and I feel so attractive, my skin and hair look better. My 11-year-old son always comments on how much weight mum and I have lost. He is really proud of us both. When we go shopping now, he picks clothes out for us. It has been such a positive for my children.

“It will be a challenge to keep sticking to the right foods but I am more than prepared for this. I want to be fitter, slimmer and healthier for my children. I look at overweight people now and I feel so sorry for them and think: I know how you feel but there is something you can do.”

Hazel, 31, Hampshire


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