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Dr Florentina Alina Dumitru


Adult and Adolescent Allergy Consultant



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Dr Florentina Alina Dumitru is a Consultant in Adult and Adolescent allergy working currently in a few major London NHS hospitals, including Guy’s and St Thomas, St Mary’s Hospital and Homerton Hospital, in dedicated allergy departments. She additionally has private clinics at Lister Hospital and The Medical Chambers Kensington in Earls’ Court.


She sees patients with a wide range of allergic conditions ranging from rhinitis, asthma, urticaria, food allergy, venom allergy and drug allergy to anaphylaxis.


She previously practised at Royal Brompton Hospital, and Imperial College London in one of the most prestigious Allergy Department, led by Professor Stephen Durham, where she gained wide experience in desensitisation/ immunotherapy, and conducted a few research projects that contributed to completion of her PhD in 2011.

Prior to starting her PhD, she received a fellowship to work at the Swiss Institute for Allergy and Asthma Research in Davos, to participate in Ga2Len international project investigating the immunological mechanism that is causing allergic conditions. As a result of her work, she published in many prestigious scientific journals and presented results at national and international conferences in her field.

She has recently participated in the largest clinical trial that has published results this year in one of the most prestigious journal in Allergy, showing the importance of a three year course of sublingual and subcutaneous desensitization with grass pollen by comparison to a two year course in reducing symptoms of hay fever and maintaining long term tolerance. (

Besides her roles in adult allergy, Dr Dumitru has been involved in a transition allergy clinic at St Thomas Hospital where the role of the allergist is instrumental in investigating and preventing life threatening allergies such as peanut allergy in children and teenagers.


Dr Dumitru has dedicated her carrier in improving the management of patients with allergenic conditions. Although hay fever seems a trivial condition, it can affect significantly the quality of life for sufferers when severe. Similarly, patients with drug and food allergy have in most cases many restrictions that are unnecessary and only a specialist diagnosis and management plan can lead to a major improvement in patient’ and their family’s lives. With the new advances in the field of allergy, the role of an allergy specialist in the diagnosis and management of suspected allergic conditions is paramount.

Procedures & Sub-specialties

  • Hay fever

  • Asthma

  • Anaphylaxis

  • Food allergy

  • Drug Allergy

  •  Immunotherapy/Desensitization

Clinic locations

  • The Lister Hospital
    Thursday/ Friday am

  • The Medical Chambers Kensington
    Thursday pm and evening

  • Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust Thursday pm

  • Homerton Hospital
    Monday- Wednesday am and pm

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