Dr Dev Shah

MBChB BSc(Hos) MRCP MRCP(Dermatol)

Consultant Dermatologist & MOHS Surgeon


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Dr Dev Shah is a British Consultant Dermatologist and Skin Surgeon who specialises in Mohs Micrographic Surgery. He is a leading dermatologist with over fifteen years of experience in dermatology and he is passionate about providing the best quality care for patients.

Dr Shah has experience of working in many different departments within the UK and by visiting departments in the USA, Germany and India, he has learnt new ways of working and novel techniques. Currently he is the lead clinician for surgical dermatology and has set up a successful Mohs surgery service at The Hillingdon Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He also works at the University College London Hospital NHS Trust as an Honorary Mohs Surgeon.

He has lectured both nationally and internationally and has written a book chapter in the "ABC of Skin Cancers" published in 2008. He is on the executive committee for the British Association of Dermatological Surgeons and he is regularly invited to teach and lecture on their national courses. He is an invited lecturer at Imperial University; regularly teaching medical students about dermatological surgery.

Treatments offered

Dr Shah is able to treat a full range of conditions from those with general dermatology conditions to complex skin cancers. He offers a logical and efficient approach to treating patients, yet remains compassionate about the psychological impact of skin disease. He maintains a high standard of care, being mindful of evidence based practice and offering the latest and most appropriate treatment to all patients.

He has particular interests in:
1. Skin cancer and mole diagnosis and monitoring
2. Surgical and non-surgical removal of cancers and benign lesions
3. Mohs (microscopic controlled) excision of tumours (with a 99% chance of cure)

4. Vitiligo medical and surgical management
5. General dermatology, e.g. eczema, acne, psoriasis, lichen planus 
6. Botulium and fillers


Dr Shah has a passion for research and over the years has conducted many studies with successful results. His initial studies included exploring how immune cells affected patients with eczema. More recently he is involved with the Cardiff Microneedle team developing the role for microneedles in treating skin conditions. He is currently investigating the psychological impact of skin cancer and he is Hillingdons lead clinician for a national study exploring the role of portable light treatment for patients with vitiligo.

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Procedures & Sub-specialties

  • Skin cancer and mole diagnosis

  • Surgical & non surgical removal of cancers & benign lesions

  • Mohs excision of tumours


Clinic locations and times

  • Harley Street Clinic
    By appointment

  • BMI Bishops Wood
    Tuesdays and Saturdays



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