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Mr Danny Morrison


Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon & Honorary Senior Lecturer

Personal Assistant Miss Emily Orde



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Mr Morrison is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital. In 2014 he was appointed as an Honorary Senior Lecturer at King's College, University of London.

The Paediatric Ophthalmology Team and The Eye Team can assess and treat most eye problems, from the simple e.g. glasses check, to the complex e.g. cataract, squints, abnormal eye movements (e.g. nystagmus). We assess vision in children with complex systemic disorders and syndromes such as cerebral palsy, ex-prematurity, Down’s syndrome, and many more conditions.

Adult eyelid and plastic surgery and general ophthalmic consultations are also seen.

Mr Morrison is a Chairman for Admissions interviews for Guy’s King’s and St. Thomas’ Medical School (GKT). He regularly examines for GKT.

Mr Morrison has lectured and instructed on the MRCPCH course at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ and has recently been commissioned to write examination questions for Pastest.

"I offer a very professional ‘Business Class’ service so that:

  • I will take as much time as is needed to address your concerns and you will not feel rushed.

  • I endeavour to see all patients at their appointed time.

  • I am very accessible. You have 24/365 day access and can speak to someone urgently.

  • I can respond quickly to any questions.

  • Flexible and child/work-friendly appointment times in several locations.

  • Early morning and evening slots are available.

  • Half-term and holiday appointments.

  • Happy to provide a Second Opinion."

Procedures & Sub-specialties

  • Paediatric Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Surgery and Eyelid Disorders in Children

  • Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

  • Developmental and Genetic Eye problems in Children, Clinical Genetic Syndromes

  • General Adult Ophthalmology

  • Squints

  • Blocked Tear Ducts/Watery Eye

  • Ptosis/Droopy Eyelids

  • Eyelids and Eyelid lumps

  • Orbital lumps

  • Entropion

  • Ectropion

  • Blepharoplasty

  • Cataract surgery 

Clinic locations and times

  • St Thomas' Hospital
    By appointment

  • The Portland Hospital 
    Thursdays 3-5pm

  • Bupa Cromwell  Hospital
    Mondays 4-5pm and Fridays 5.20-7pm

  • Queen Mary's Hospital Roehampton
    By appointment

GPs: Upload your referral here
which will be sent directly to the consultant or his secretary.

  • 22A Harley Street
    By appointment