Which Consultant? directory provides information about consultants and private clinics across all regions of the country. All information has been provided by the consultants themselves and all are happy to be contacted regarding booking enquiries or appointments. Click on the relevant region above to view all listings. 

Patients:  Read our quick guide to Booking a Private Appointment below 


GPs and referral staff wishing to send private patient referrals directly to chosen consultant please use forms on the consultant profile pages in green or contact directly via details shown.

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Patients:Booking a Private Appointment

Let our quick & easy guide help you with some frequently asked questions :

Making a Booking.

If you wish to book to see any of our listed consultants on Which Consultant the details for contacting each specialist are clearly shown. You can contact them directly by phone or where further details are shown you may use our booking enquiry form to contact online at any time. You will not always need a GP referral  but please enquire with the consultant you wish to see to be sure.


Why go private?


There can be many different reasons for choosing to book to see a consultant privately from seeing an expert of your choice in the time frame you require, to choosing where you have your specialist consultation or accessing treatments that are not available on the NHS or that may involve a lengthy wait. The details shown on Which Consultant aim to help this process by providing details of consultants holding private clinics across all regions. This short guide answers some of the frequently asked questions about making a booking. 


Main Reasons people choose to see a specialist privately:


  • To see an expert quickly -  to see a medical specialist within a specific time frame  

  • Patient choice of where to see and when  - perhaps to fit with a busy schedule, avoid time off work or to use the most convenient location 

  • Consistency of care​ : know who you will see for initial and follow up appointments and know you can see them again whenever required

  • To plan to have an operation privately at a time to suit your needs and in a location that is most convenient to your care

Remember - there is no difference in the quality of care received whether you choose to go privately or via an NHS route. Most private consultants will also work for the NHS and provide the same expert care. Going private just offers more choice on timings, where and when you are seen. It is also important to remember that availability of private appointments for each private consultant may vary  Locations and timings of private appointments can be seen on individual consultant profiles on Which Consultant?    

Who can make a private booking?

Anyone can book to see a private consultant. It is not necessary to have private medical insurance. As a 'self funding' patient you can choose to pay for your care as required and costs will be clearly explained ahead of your consultation. If you have private medical insurance the route can be slightly different & you may need to check with your insurance provider regarding who you can see , where & if you require a GP referral. 

Do I need to see my GP first?

Whilst often you will have seen a GP ahead of thinking about seeing a private specialist, it is not always necessary to see your GP again ahead of choosing to see a specialist privately but this will depend upon the reason for seeing them. Some consultants do not require a GP referral to arrange an appointment or will contact your GP to check more details. You can contact any consultant shown on Which Consultant? and their secretary will  explain the process that is required for your individual circumstances & the type of appointment you are seeking.

Where do I start?

If you know the type of specialist you require and where you want to see them, firstly Click on the region required and choose the specialism you need to view the consultants listed on Which Consultant?  All consultant details are provided by the consultants themselves and they are happy to be contacted with any enquiries regarding booking an appointment. Some consultants will also offer initial online or phone appointments. 

Does it matter where I live?

 You can choose to see a consultant privately at any location you choose. Consultants can be seen privately across all regions of the country. The details on Which Consultant? are split into regional directories so you can see who is listed close to where you live. Or if you are wishing to see someone from a different geography , perhaps where a relative lives - review the consultants listed in the area of your choice., If you are ready to make a start , click on any of the below regions to view consultants listed: 

How do I pay and how much will it cost?

There are two main ways to pay for a consultant appointment, one is called 'self pay or self funding' ie you pay for yourself at the price that will have been clearly explained to you ahead of your appointment. Payment will be handled by the hospital/clinic administration staff and is generally made at the time of your appointment in a similar way as when you attend a dentist appointment. Further treatment requirements incurring additional fees will be explained fully in your appointment. The other way is via private medical insurance (PMI) for those who are medically insured and this will be handled by your insurance company. You will need to have agreed all aspects of this with your insurance company ahead of your appointment in accordance with the rules and procedures of your insurance provider.

Follow up appointments or planning operations  

If a follow up appointment is required then your consultant will explain this fully during your consultation. If you are planning to have an operation privately , the cost of the operation will be explained along with the different methods of payment. This can sometimes be arranged as a 'fixed price surgery scheme' and include all aspects of a stay in a private hospital and all associated operation costs in one clear price and will be explained fully by the private hospital provider. Specialist finance schemes can also offer personal medical loans and finance schemes to pay for your operation. If you are privately insured, all follow up appointments and planned operations will need to be agreed with your private medical insurance provider.    

I am ready to make an appointment : where do I start and who do I contact ?

If you are ready to make an appointment , you can contact any of the consultants listed on Which Consultant? to book an appointment. This can be made via a phone call during office hours, or if you are viewing the website outside of office hours and wish to send an enquiry or make a booking at any time then please use the booking enquiry forms on the profile of your chosen consultant on Which Consultant? This can be sent at any time of the day or night and you will receive a swift response when this is received. All consultants shown are happy to be contacted by you with any enquiries regarding booking an appointment. at any time. If you require any help with this process or are unsure who best to contact then please email info@whichconsultant.co.uk and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.